This 100% Free Night-Time Ritual That Can Skyrocket Your Daytime Performance

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Sleep — we all do it, but do we truly understand its depth and significance? Dr. Matthew Walker’s groundbreaking book, “Why We Sleep,” delves into the transformative power of sleep. I discovered it through Michael Pollan’s book about Caffeine. Here’s a blog summarizing the mysteries of our nightly escapade and its profound impact on every … Read more

How anyone can be a Keynote Speaker: 9 quick hacks for more engagement.

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When did you last dream of captivating, inspiring, and influencing an audience? How can you make more impact when delivering a keynote address, a sales pitch, or a motivational talk? After reading this blog to the end, you’ll have learned more techniques to enhance your speaking prowess and leave a deeper impression on your audience. … Read more

Learning from the Military Planning Process: What Agile Teams Can Adopt

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In the realm of innovation and projects, effective planning is crucial for success. While there are numerous methodologies available, one approach that teams can learn from is the military planning process. The military has honed a systematic approach to planning that ensures missions are accomplished efficiently and effectively. By adopting certain aspects of the military … Read more

I gravely misunderstood the Growth Mindset. Here’s what I learned.

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Carol S. Dweck’s work, ‘Mindset,’ is seminal. It is one of these must-read non-fiction books, up there with The Seven Habits, and Thinking Fast and Slow. Until recently, I did not read the book: the web is full of infographics explaining the Growth Mindset. After reading the book, however, I discovered that I had a … Read more

Teamwork tip 4: Build a robust foundation to handle raw and honest feedback

Excelling through great feedback

Google ‘feedback method’ and google will come up with countless ‘systems’ for giving feedback. Any of these systems quickly becomes awkward and forced when you try it. There is no bullet-proof algorithm for giving feedback. In this article, I’m sharing the essential part of great feedback: a robust foundation for self-confidence. Take, for instance, the … Read more

What if Star Wars Rebels were organized with Scrum? – a Rebel Scrum Guide

Scrum in terms of Star Wars

Ever wondered how to apply Scrum outside of software development? Ever doubted the applicability of Scrum in the real world? This article is a Scrum Guide in Star Wars style. I’ll show how the real-world heroes from Star Wars organized their struggles against the Empire with Scrum. They already knew how to Scrum a long … Read more

Holacracy vs. Agile

holacracy meeting

Holacracy claims to improve Agile and time management. It’s supposed to make any team run better by continuously evolving the roles in the team to fit the work better. Is it really better than Agile approaches like Kanban or Scrum? Here’s my opinion. Holacracy means that the whole of the team is in charge, not … Read more