Anton Vanhoucke

Agile Transformations
& Agile Leadership expert



Innovation can be a struggle. There are plenty of new ideas, but your team or organization lacks focus. Perhaps you have already started an Agile Transition, but you want to accelerate it.

From my practical experience as a trainer and coach, I accelerate Agile Transformations. Feel free to contact me to exchange thoughts about your situation.


ABOUT Anton Vanhoucke

Innovation Strategist

Anton has years of experience with successful innovations. He brings a different mindset to the team, focusing more on customer-centric work, original ideas, clever combinations of modern technology, agile working, and self-managing scrum teams.

‘How do you build workplace happiness?’

That is the question that always continues to fascinate Anton. The answer to the question is the foundation for successful innovations.

Where does Anton find his work happiness? Anton’s main drive is to help people surpass themselves and make teams more productive and happier. Because he believes that only companies with a positive impact on the world should grow, Anton carefully selects his clients.

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