Anton Vanhoucke

Agile Transformations
& Agile Leadership


Fewer projects, More Results

Agility is about teams that quickly adjust. They grow in autonomy, competence, and job satisfaction. They can achieve more and more results with less and less effort.

Setting up agile, flexible teams is valuable, but not easy. Our most popular approach? Begin with interactive team training, followed by a leadership update. After kicking off, we continue with coaching key roles and guiding structural improvements. This ensures a smooth start and the necessary acceleration. The sooner we start, the quicker you’ll benefit!

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Anton Vanhoucke

Successful innovation has been the common thread in my career. As a designer, project leader, strategist, and now advisor, I innovate in marketing, high-tech, NGOs, government, healthcare, and education. This is what people say:

“Anton has been invaluable to our team. Thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience with product ownership, he is the ideal person to train our people.” – Nico, Heeyoo

“I’d recommend Anton to anyone looking to inspire and accelerate innovation and would love to work with him again in the future.” – Willemijn, Efteling

“Anton really gets what we deal with as project leaders. Big thumbs up for that. He addressed our concerns right away and had answers to all our questions. Working in the municipality is a different ball game than working in a commercial company. We’re super excited about integrating Agile more into our organization.” – Niels, Municipality of Etten-Leur

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