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Whenever I read a book and I want to remember the key points, I make a book summary. I’m sharing them too! So here’s an overview of relevant book summaries about Innovation, Agile, Scrum, Devops, Cognitive Psychology, Working in Teams or any related subject.

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This 100% Free Night-Time Ritual That Can Skyrocket Your Daytime Performance

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Sleep — we all do it, but do we truly understand its depth and significance? Dr. Matthew Walker’s groundbreaking book, “Why We Sleep,” delves into the transformative power of sleep. I discovered it through Michael Pollan’s book about Caffeine. Here’s a blog summarizing the mysteries of our nightly escapade and its profound impact on every … Read more

I gravely misunderstood the Growth Mindset. Here’s what I learned.

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Carol S. Dweck’s work, ‘Mindset,’ is seminal. It is one of these must-read non-fiction books, up there with The Seven Habits, and Thinking Fast and Slow. Until recently, I did not read the book: the web is full of infographics explaining the Growth Mindset. After reading the book, however, I discovered that I had a … Read more

8 teamwork insights from an ice skating champion – summary of the book ‘Effect’

ice skating champion - effect

‘Effect’ is a book about effective teamwork. The title refers to the strange fact that your conscious actions don’t always have the effect you desire on other people. The book is written by ice skater J.O. Koss and psychologist B.M. Ihlen. They wrote down their team coaching insights after winning several olympic gold medals. Their … Read more

Ideas from Peopleware

In 1999 Tome Demarco en Timothy Lister published their second edition of ‘Peopleware’. Their insight is that software development projects fail not because of technology, but because of communication. Yet what managers do is manage technology, not the communication in the team. Why? Technology, stuff, procedures, and such are tangible, orderly and easy to influence. … Read more